SIUE Computer Vision and Image Processing Laboratory

Under the guidance of Dr. Scott E Umbaugh

The Computer Vision and Image Processing Laboratory (CVIP Lab) is a state-of-the-art facility which has computer/imaging stations, as well as an LCD projector, scanners, cameras and controlled lighting image digitizing stations. Additionally, the CVIP Research Laboratory has imaging development workstations as well as housing research image databases and specialized image acquisition equipment for optical, thermographic and range images.

A major research tool of the CVIP Lab is CVIPtools, a 500,000+ line program that offers the experienced and new user alike the opportunity to experiment with computer imaging in an easy-to-use GUI-based environment. Active research contributes to the excellence of the CVIPtools program, which is under continuing development at SIUE. Two new powerful research and development tools include the Algorithm Test and Analysis Tool, CVIP-ATAT, and the Feature Extraction and Pattern Classification Tool, CVIP-FEPC.

Research and development in the CVIP Lab:

Research funded by Long Island Veterinary Specialists, Krewson Reaching Equipment Company, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, the National Institutes of Health, Camber Corporation, System Dynamics International, Stoecker & Associates, Stealth Technologies, the Department of Defense, Westar Corporation, River City Software.

Courses in CVIP at SIUE:

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Last update September 2010